How Recent Skis from Volkl Evolve and Build on a Longtime Racing Heritage

Austrian maker Volkl is well known for turning out skis that excel in the conditions typical of that country’s alpine environments. For many years, that contributed to a great deal of success at the highest competitive levels of the sport, with plenty of Olympic medalists and others sporting the company’s iconic brand on their skis. In recent times, however, Volkl Skis have become perhaps better known for the way that they can allow for a great deal of versatility. While the company’s racing-oriented output still attracts a whole lot of justified attention, the most popular and sought-after Volkl skis for sale tend to be of very different kinds.

Why this is so might become clear with a quick look at the Mantra, one of the most successful new Volkl skis of recent times. Departing quite significantly from the reputation that the company has traded on for so long, the Mantra pursues versatility above all else. While no ski that aims to be comfortable in every condition and on every sort of terrain will ever be the best at any one thing, the Mantra shows that relatively few compromises need to be made.

Like a number of other Volkl skis for sale, the Mantra appeals on a basic level even while it remains on retail shelves. Cosmetics might not impact performance, but they can certainly influence the quality of the experience of owning and making use of a ski. Volkl’s designers put plenty of effort into making the Mantra something that any of today’s skiers will be happy to click into, and that has undoubtedly contributed to the model’s popularity.

Of course, it is really the on-snow performance of the Mantra that sets it apart the most. Every all-mountain ski involves making some choices about what to prioritize, with some inclining more toward quickness and agility than others. The Mantra pursues stability instead, putting it clearly in the company of a number of other highly successful skis of this kind.

At the same time, Volkl’s racing heritage shines through in the willingness of the Mantra to turn. While it will never feel quite at home with the quickest, snappiest slalom-style arcs, the Mantra does a lot more than just bomb downhill. By combining a good deal of responsiveness with a burly forthrightness that holds up just as well on ice as through powder, the Mantra offers a lot to skiers who prefer not to be tied down. While that is a real departure from what many think about Volkl, it is a welcome one, as well.

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